Tim Doltron (cool) and April Mullany (hot) are the owners/operators of local Cable Access Station 288. Sure ratings are pretty much non-existent and Tim and April work out of an un-insolated tool shed, but that’s not the point. Tim and April have an unwavering passion to share their production value-less programming with the masses and have a NEED to SUCCEED!

Only thing is, that pesky fad known as the “INTERNET” didn’t blow over like Tim and April thought it would, thus hindering their fast track to success.

But not to fear!

Tim and April are adaptable and have just figured out how to “BROADCAST” (or “UPLOAD” for the more technically savvy) their Cable Access Programming onto the INTERNET so they can once again focus on lining their pockets with mad cash and their station with rich, culturally diverse content.

So what does this mean for all of you out there?


Seriously, what’s better than that?


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